Educational Programmes

Sala Secondary School accomplishes one general elementary education curriculum, one general secondary education curriculum and three special elementary education curriculums. School has students with specific needs that are included in everyday work (hearing impairment, speech disorders, and learning disabilities). School has implemented the accommodation project for disabled people in wheelchairs.


  • Elementary education curriculum – curriculum code 21011111, license V-1768 from 23.03.2010.
  • General secondary education curriculum of general education – curriculum code 31011011, license V-1768 from 26.03.2010.
  • Special elementary education curriculum for learners with learning disabilities – curriculum code 21015611, license V-5173 from 18.06.2012
  • Special elementary education curriculum for learners speech disorders – curriculum code 21015511, license V-6762 from 6.09.2013
Class Schedule for Elementary Education
Class Schedule for General Secondary Education

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